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Pilarin Bayes Award

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The Pilarin Bayes Award for stories written by children

On the twenty-fifth annniversary of Editorial Mediterrània, the Pilarin Bayes Award for stories written by children was set up. Today it is a fully established competition in which each year we receive and read over 2,500 stories, selecting the best and announcing the winners on Saint George’s day on TV3 (Catalan public TV) and having a big party at which we release the final book, illustrated by Pilarin and written by our writers of the future.

The main aims of the Pilarín Bayés Award are to encourage reading and bring books to children, stimulating their imaginations and their literary creation, making them reflect and work on a specific theme.

The stories received are classified in three categories according to the children’s ages:

  • First cycle: children from 6 to 8 years old present a single story from each class from work done in the classroom with the teacher on the proposed theme
  • Middle cycle: students from 8 to 10 years old each present a story
  • Upper cycle: students from 10 to 12 years old write individual stories

From each cycle there are 5 winning stories. The communication of the winners is always made on the 23rd of April, Saint George’s day. Furthermore, the award ceremony takes place in the different districts of Catalonia where all winning schools are invited to a day of activities, fun, performances and accompanied by one of the most beloved and admired illustrators in our country, Pilarin Bayes.

The award for the winners, in addition to a batch of books for the school, is the publishing house’s publication of all winning stories in a book illustrated by Pilarin Bayes: a prize which delights and encourages children.