More than 40 years publishing art, culture and nature books for family reading.


Presentació Editorial - Mediterrània

Editorial Mediterrània was founded in 1980 in Barcelona and since then we have had a very clear purpose: we want to approach art to boys, girls and their families! Because we think art makes us grow!

With this aim in mind, year after year we have grown with our initial enthusiasm and the determination to adapt to the changing expectations of society, and our readers and clients. Thus, our range of published titles includes the most traditional books, products adapted to new technologies, such as mobile apps or e-books, and articles which require interaction from the user but which do not lose the original essence of printed material. We like to define ourselves as an innovative company. In this way we work with new, different and original products, making them available to our clients and offering a unique experience.

The team of individuals that forms Editorial Mediterrània has the vocation of making our publishing company efficient and competitive, distinguished by the quality of its books and recognised in the culture sector and in the fields in which we are experts.

We are convinced that the motivation with which we all work, the enthusiasm for our daily work and the desire to exceed ourselves and improve allow us to today be one of the leading companies in the world of publishing. Editorial Mediterrània has a firm commitment to the culture and values of our country. Nevertheless, each year we look beyond our borders when obtaining new products. Despite us still having a long way to go in this regard, we have a clear international vocation which will be further enhanced in coming years.