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Gemma Capdevila

I was born in Barcelona in the winter of 1988 and since then I have pursued spring, the blue of the sea, the sounds of the wind and the stillness of the mountains. I am an illustrator, I realized that I wanted to be it since I was twelve. I learned a lot from what I know at Escola Llotja and Eina. I have also studied fine arts. I live at the foot of Montseny and do workshops for boys and girls, from whom much of my inspiration comes. I run along the sidewalks of my house running, walking or sometimes flying, to look for the secrets of the night and imagine what happens in the woods when there is no one to see it. I love searching answers, finding questions, and putting them down on paper.

“I started drawing like everyone else – the first time I grabbed a pencil. I just never stopped doing it.” – Gemma Capdevila

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